Map Data Visualization with Slider using Variables

Use a slider component to see the how a map of the US changes every month over a year based on the concentration of a fanbase. Uses a basic variable to change the container state of the map, with map assets created in Sketch. See how a version of it was created step-by-step within the Dashboard & Data Visualization webinar: tags: variable | variables | data visualization | data viz | map | slider | states | months | USA

Todd Siegel


Tourist app

Nikhil Sethi

iOS Weather App

This is the companion prototype to a 2-part tutorial where we explore the utilization of variables to help us to recreate Appleā€™s native iOS Weather app. In both tutorials, we go over the different ways makes variables available to use in building your prototypes - from the simple example of setting a value in the variables manager and utilizing that value in the prototype to creating and setting a custom variable based on the property of a container and then to the more advanced usage of ternary operators to affect an outcome based on conditions surrounding that custom variable.

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This is the redesign of GoodReads app for Android. Hope you guys love it, and I would love to know your views about it!

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Form examples

3 prototypes showing different uses of the form components for iOS 1) Activate / de-activate button when checking / un-checking Terms of Service 2) Capture text input to change property 3) Change number of tickets - limit 8 See how they were created step-by-step in the Using Forms webinar video: This version on Vimeo includes time-codes so you can jump to particular sub-sections (repeated below as a preview): > Range of iOS form input controls 2:02 > Labels 2:17 > Text fields 2:32 > Setting placeholder text 3:04 > 5 Input Types that display the appropriate iOS keyboard (Text, Numeric, Email, Password, Telephone) 3:30 > Using the Telephone keyboard for credit card number input (large # keys) 4:08 > Need to view prototype on device in order to see the range of keyboards 5:59 > Multi-line text area input field 6:24 > Search Bar 6:40 > Checkbox control customization 7:22 > On/Off Switch control customization 7:52 > Slider control customization 9:27 > Increasing size of slider handle 9:47 > Picker Wheel Customization 10:00 > Prototype example: Activate button when checking terms of service 10:42 > Create a button with two states (using convert to container) 12:55 > Adding interactions to a checkbox control (on change activation/deactivation) 14:45 > Definition of variable and range of uses 17:04 > Using variables with text field interactions 18:25 > Prototype Example: Using a variable to capture text input and show it in a different text box using change property. 23:27 > Prototype: Use variables to increment and decrement counter showing number of tickets being purchased. 28:40 > Searching full range of icons built into 29:10 > Using a variable to limit the range of tickets (0 to 8) 32:46 > Copying and pasting interactions with Variables 40:08

Todd Siegel

Menu Overlay Animation - Google Calendar for iOS

Prototype of the Material Design menu animation of Google Calendar for iOS. See how it was created step-by-step in the video of the webinar "Adaptive Prototypes & Material Design UI Library" Skip to minute 35:14 of the webinar to specifically see this prototype being made. TAGS: material design google iOS calendar Enjoy.

Todd Siegel

Mobile UI Framework Demo

A prototype being put together for a client. On the loaded report, tap the highest blue point to open up a modal window where you can swipe right/left (Right first, I think) Top right menu button only works on the landing page. Swipe right to go back from any screen. Needs polishing!

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Cook it

'Cook it' is an app where users can find recipes based on ingredients they have at home. This project uses variables to add ingredients to the list using a single input field. I created the loading animation using a group of images which rotate into a pot. I used cloning and obscurity transitions in the recipes screen to display the recipe when it's tapped.

Vasilis Odysseos