SET UP A MINDMAP: a) Create a new Mindmap and set main goal media b) Add 1 default image bubble to the canvas c) Add 1 default video bubble to the canvas d) Add 1 text bubble to the canvas e) Add 1 default Sound bubble to the canvas f) Click on one or more bubbles to view details, edit text or play sound g) Connect any two bubbles h) Save i) Return to View MindMap Screen *NOTE: For the demo, bubble shapes are the default dark-blue-blackish colour only. If you want the bubble to have a colour, simply click colour code. The bubble will be circular. Tap/Click hold to rotate connectors. View a Vision Board Task List Help

Carly Holtzman

To do list

A simple to do list project. Input into the text field and click 'Add' to add to your list. You can clear things you have done and reset the list after 8 inputs have been added.

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Dial Timer

A reverse timer using the handle to designate where the timer begins its countdown.

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Infopalette - Extremly simple demo

Extremly simple demo of Infopalette. Once you switch your device to landscape mode, it shows the infopalette name. The I has a blue dot on top of it. Move this blue dot to the spot where you want to make your statement. The blue dot is a work around for proto.io, it won't be in the software demo. Once you lift your finger from the screen, the three text field for entering your statement will be shown. You can enter the subject, predicate and object (a statement). When all three text fields contain at least one character, an "opslag" field will be shown at the bottom of the screen. This is just to give you a visual to tell you the statement is stored, in the demo this "opslag" field will be removed.

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Google Inbox - compose animation

The recently released Google Inbox app is a re-thinking of the email inbox experience that beautifully demonstrates Google's material design interactive animation language. This prototype focuses on the compose button's animation. Click the + to reveal a new state where a wave of buttons and labels float up, and the + becomes a pencil icon. It uses two states, with staggered animations.

Todd Siegel