umu - assisting parents in challenging situations.

umu assists parents in challenging situations. A crowded day at the beach, a theme park, you name it. A tiny transmitter is carried by the child which's signal is received by the smartphone. When the child is bound to move out of sight or towards a dangerous sight such as water or a busy intersection the parents are alerted. see more at: Feel free to contact me at:

Jason Schot

"Pitch" Prototype

App Description: Win stuff by telling companies what you want. If you want to give feedback via a surveymonkey survey you'll be entered into a draw for a $50 gift card of your choice. Cheers, Justin

Justin Evenden


Eventually is a new Social Introduction app that allows you to discover and connect to people before, during or after events. Eventually accesses your Facebook events and displays the other invitees that are going to attend the same event as you. After you have matched with an attendee, you are now able to chat to that person. Maybe, you guys want to meet up at the event...? Later versions of the app will incorporate not only Facebook events but also events from other event-managing sites.

Olivia Hoewing