Hulu TV App Home Screen

Interactive TV app prototype of Hulu's home page. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard (note: mouse click to enable keys) or map to a remote control on a television screen to explore a Hulu like home screen with proto io. Note: Must click the canvas to enable key presses, this seems to be a common restriction with most prototyping tools when building key press focus interaction models.

Nino Silva

Search Field Animations

Here are 2 different search field animations: 1. Tap to expand size of search field to the right.; 2. Tap to reveal search area underline to the left TAGS: search search box search field animation states

Todd Siegel

Menu Overlay Animation - Google Calendar for iOS

Prototype of the Material Design menu animation of Google Calendar for iOS. See how it was created step-by-step in the video of the webinar "Adaptive Prototypes & Material Design UI Library" Skip to minute 35:14 of the webinar to specifically see this prototype being made. TAGS: material design google iOS calendar Enjoy.

Todd Siegel


3 different counters using variables 1. A standard counter 2. A counter from the number of seconds the user sets 3. A countdown

Paul Baker

Apple Watch using native UI library

Created using library of fully interactive, native watchOS components.

Akis Ioannou

Tinder UI


Pro Tips & Tricks

Here is the set of prototypes from the Pro Tips and Tricks webinar: 1) Propagate Events to Items Below 2) Containers as Symbols 3) Conditional Animation 4) Screen Interaction 5) Sketches into Prototype Here is the video of the webinar: The video is broken down with time-codes on Vimeo here: (under read more) They are also below. Enjoy... > Create popover menu with click through to icon below 4:08 > Propagate all events to the item below 4:08 > Using containers as symbols for efficiency (navigation assets etc.) 11:59 > Customizing a navbar component 14:55 > Customize a tabbar component 16:48 > Convert navbar to a container to repeat (as symbol) 19:10 > Convert tabbar to a container to repeat (as symbol) 19:43 > Convert text box to a container to repeat (as symbol) 19:49 > Using a container to create change font style for repeated Titles and labels. 21:55 > Conditional animations triggered by drag gesture using variables (mailbox swipe). 23:04 > Adding containers to canvas 24:44 > Using the draggable gesture 25:25 > Variable Manager 26:00 > Using onDrag variable to change an objects opacity 26:38 > Range of property values that can be changed based on a drag gesture 27:45 > Capturing the X position from dragging an object using a variable 27:57 > Creating a new value if/then argument using shorthand javascript to change opacity using a variable. 29:00 > Creating a callback to the change a property that reads from a variable. 29:52 > Using the onDragEnd gesture 30:33 > Change the Left property using a variable triggered by onDragEnd 30:49 > See range of properties that can be changed from onDragEnd gesture. 31:04 > Using On Screen Show Interaction for creating an automatically cycling carousel. 35:25 > Importing paper sketches (photos of them) to use as background for layering assets and interactions. 40:28 > Toggling between a sketch and your higher fidelity mockup using states. 44:25 > Duplicating interactions between states 45:18

Todd Siegel


I created a prototype of the UBER app for Android in order to demonstrate what is possible using This project was a massive undertaking as my goal was to simulate the user experience of what it would be like to order 4 different UBER cars in San Francisco. I plan on doing a full "behind the scenes" article on my website about the challenges I faced along the way simulating the UBER app in Special thanks to the awesome team at for all of their tireless assistance along the way! If you are looking for an experienced prototype engineer or are looking for tutorials and more information about please visit my website:

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Curved Slider controlling lamp brightness. Designs taken from:

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