IMDb Redesign

Hey guys! I'm back with an amazing prototype for you guys. This has been my longest and quite a challenging redesign project for IMDb whose prototype is pretty awesome and contains lots of stuff like Nested Containers, a bit of animation, some really beautiful visual elements and interactivity for you to explore! I had so much fun making it with and I truly hope you guys love it and would love to know your views and suggestions on how can I improve it :) Cheers! Aman

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A very basic Calendar example project using Containers a few states and 1 variable to track the year.

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Search Field Animations

Here are 2 different search field animations: 1. Tap to expand size of search field to the right.; 2. Tap to reveal search area underline to the left TAGS: search search box search field animation states

Todd Siegel

Animated Flowchart

A simple animated Flowchart. Click on each tab and the arrows when zoomed in to transition to the next one. Design credited to:

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Apple Watch using native UI library

Created using library of fully interactive, native watchOS components.

Akis Ioannou

Interactive Line Graph - The easy way

This is a simple way to create an interactive line graph. There is another way to create it which involves Draggable Elements instead but that requires a much more complex setup. Go ahead and import the project in your account! By seeing the interactions you will realise how easy it is to recreate. p.s not the smoothest animation but feel free to improve it

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auto-complete search

Type the first character of topics from to see the auto-complete. (a-z, 2,3). Use ESC to hide the dropdown. Uses a variable to capture the content of the search field then uses the javascript method "{search}".charAt(0) to capture the first character of the search string to then change the container state property of the auto-complete dropdown to match the first character typed. see video of how to create this step-by-step in the webinar: TAGS: auto-complete search dropdown variables variable character selection Thanks to Costas Thoma for the model.

Todd Siegel

Form examples

3 prototypes showing different uses of the form components for iOS 1) Activate / de-activate button when checking / un-checking Terms of Service 2) Capture text input to change property 3) Change number of tickets - limit 8 See how they were created step-by-step in the Using Forms webinar video: This version on Vimeo includes time-codes so you can jump to particular sub-sections (repeated below as a preview): > Range of iOS form input controls 2:02 > Labels 2:17 > Text fields 2:32 > Setting placeholder text 3:04 > 5 Input Types that display the appropriate iOS keyboard (Text, Numeric, Email, Password, Telephone) 3:30 > Using the Telephone keyboard for credit card number input (large # keys) 4:08 > Need to view prototype on device in order to see the range of keyboards 5:59 > Multi-line text area input field 6:24 > Search Bar 6:40 > Checkbox control customization 7:22 > On/Off Switch control customization 7:52 > Slider control customization 9:27 > Increasing size of slider handle 9:47 > Picker Wheel Customization 10:00 > Prototype example: Activate button when checking terms of service 10:42 > Create a button with two states (using convert to container) 12:55 > Adding interactions to a checkbox control (on change activation/deactivation) 14:45 > Definition of variable and range of uses 17:04 > Using variables with text field interactions 18:25 > Prototype Example: Using a variable to capture text input and show it in a different text box using change property. 23:27 > Prototype: Use variables to increment and decrement counter showing number of tickets being purchased. 28:40 > Searching full range of icons built into 29:10 > Using a variable to limit the range of tickets (0 to 8) 32:46 > Copying and pasting interactions with Variables 40:08

Todd Siegel