Pro Tips & Tricks

Here is the set of prototypes from the Pro Tips and Tricks webinar: 1) Propagate Events to Items Below 2) Containers as Symbols 3) Conditional Animation 4) Screen Interaction 5) Sketches into Prototype Here is the video of the webinar: The video is broken down with time-codes on Vimeo here: (under read more) They are also below. Enjoy... > Create popover menu with click through to icon below 4:08 > Propagate all events to the item below 4:08 > Using containers as symbols for efficiency (navigation assets etc.) 11:59 > Customizing a navbar component 14:55 > Customize a tabbar component 16:48 > Convert navbar to a container to repeat (as symbol) 19:10 > Convert tabbar to a container to repeat (as symbol) 19:43 > Convert text box to a container to repeat (as symbol) 19:49 > Using a container to create change font style for repeated Titles and labels. 21:55 > Conditional animations triggered by drag gesture using variables (mailbox swipe). 23:04 > Adding containers to canvas 24:44 > Using the draggable gesture 25:25 > Variable Manager 26:00 > Using onDrag variable to change an objects opacity 26:38 > Range of property values that can be changed based on a drag gesture 27:45 > Capturing the X position from dragging an object using a variable 27:57 > Creating a new value if/then argument using shorthand javascript to change opacity using a variable. 29:00 > Creating a callback to the change a property that reads from a variable. 29:52 > Using the onDragEnd gesture 30:33 > Change the Left property using a variable triggered by onDragEnd 30:49 > See range of properties that can be changed from onDragEnd gesture. 31:04 > Using On Screen Show Interaction for creating an automatically cycling carousel. 35:25 > Importing paper sketches (photos of them) to use as background for layering assets and interactions. 40:28 > Toggling between a sketch and your higher fidelity mockup using states. 44:25 > Duplicating interactions between states 45:18

Todd Siegel

498 A8

A mobile app that aggregates pricing data for video games to help the user find the best deal possible. This was created as a project for a class on prototyping techniques.

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10 Second Timer Example

I simulated a 10 second timer that counts down from 10 to 0. This is very simple to do. All you need to do is change the text property of the text value with a custom value and include a delay of 1 second. Then add a callback for the next number with a delay of 1 second. Repeat this until you get to the number 0. There is no need to use variables to simulate a timer. If you are looking for someone to help you with your prototype, we are available for hire at:

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IMDb Redesign

Hey guys! I'm back with an amazing prototype for you guys. This has been my longest and quite a challenging redesign project for IMDb whose prototype is pretty awesome and contains lots of stuff like Nested Containers, a bit of animation, some really beautiful visual elements and interactivity for you to explore! I had so much fun making it with and I truly hope you guys love it and would love to know your views and suggestions on how can I improve it :) Cheers! Aman

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Sign up - Sign in

A Sign up - Sign in page example project using Variables and States to validate the correct user input in both pages.

Constantinos Thoma


SET UP A MINDMAP: a) Create a new Mindmap and set main goal media b) Add 1 default image bubble to the canvas c) Add 1 default video bubble to the canvas d) Add 1 text bubble to the canvas e) Add 1 default Sound bubble to the canvas f) Click on one or more bubbles to view details, edit text or play sound g) Connect any two bubbles h) Save i) Return to View MindMap Screen *NOTE: For the demo, bubble shapes are the default dark-blue-blackish colour only. If you want the bubble to have a colour, simply click colour code. The bubble will be circular. Tap/Click hold to rotate connectors. View a Vision Board Task List Help

Carly Holtzman

Date picker

An example of a date picker that can be imported and used in your project. (Basic use of variables) tags: calendar, picker, date picker

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Music App

Music App project Design Credits:

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