iOS Spotlight

Using color adjustment and filters, I've simulated the iOS spotlight animation. Learn how you can apply these filters at

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Smart Home - High Fidelity

The SmartHome prototype is a high fidelity prototype that was build by using mostly components, graphics and animations from Please go ahead an try it out. Prepare a hot cappuccino for yourself or even better arm your home alarm directly through the SmartHome app. Control all your smart devices fast, easy and reliably through the app! Includes: Multiple containers, states and states transitions, on screen interactions, on state enter interactions and much more. Multiple animations Bodymovin animations Battery level for the coffeemaker is dynamic by getting the minutes of the current time and updating the battery level percentage. A couple of variables In overall, this is a great project for users that want to expand their knowledge and move to medium and high fidelity prototyping. Feel free to import!

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I created a prototype of the UBER app for Android in order to demonstrate what is possible using This project was a massive undertaking as my goal was to simulate the user experience of what it would be like to order 4 different UBER cars in San Francisco. I plan on doing a full "behind the scenes" article on my website about the challenges I faced along the way simulating the UBER app in Special thanks to the awesome team at for all of their tireless assistance along the way! If you are looking for an experienced prototype engineer or are looking for tutorials and more information about please visit my website:

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CrossFit iPad Mini Prototype

HCDE 498 Mobile App Prototyping

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Poweramp [Music Player]

This is the prototype of my favorite music player, Poweramp. I've tried to recreate the Plastic HD theme of the app interface and made it pretty close to the original visually which includes some of the transitions. This design has been made with Adobe Photoshop CC and Material Design Library of Hope you guys like it! Would love to know your views on it and how can we improve it :) Cheers! Aman P.S: Turn up the speaker ;)

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IMDb Redesign

Hey guys! I'm back with an amazing prototype for you guys. This has been my longest and quite a challenging redesign project for IMDb whose prototype is pretty awesome and contains lots of stuff like Nested Containers, a bit of animation, some really beautiful visual elements and interactivity for you to explore! I had so much fun making it with and I truly hope you guys love it and would love to know your views and suggestions on how can I improve it :) Cheers! Aman

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