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UBER 14,270

I created a prototype of the UBER app for Android in order to demonstrate what is possible using This project was a massive undertaking as my goal was to simulate the user experience of what it would be like to order 4 different UBER cars in San Francisco.

I plan on doing a full "behind the scenes" article on my website about the challenges I faced along the way simulating the UBER app in Special thanks to the awesome team at for all of their tireless assistance along the way!

If you are looking for an experienced prototype engineer or are looking for tutorials and more information about please visit my website:

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Mitch Webster @Lottle · Aug 9, 2019
Keep getting "fake browser history injection" attack when trying to reach any of the links... are there any secure links available?
Mitch Webster @Lottle · Aug 9, 2019
Can't get to your website... unsecure. Keeps getting redirected to phishing sites! Is there a secure site link available?
e227cd1c-504c-11ed 9221-0e76797a4f7b @absmugz · Jul 26, 2017
Hi Alexander, Would you please share the open files ?
8ea06e34-504c-11ed 9221-0e76797a4f7b @protonerds · Jun 3, 2015
@Derricksnider Hi Derrick. good question. I decided not to make this available for download because I have created proprietary scripting within the UBER demo that I wanted to keep private. I have a business where clients pay me to make prototypes and making this available to the public would not be in my best interests as a business.

If you would like to learn more about how I made this UBER prototype. Please head on over to my website where I created an in-depth article and videos on how I did it.

I hope this helps! Thanks for understanding :)
9742df31-504c-11ed 9221-0e76797a4f7b @Derricksnider · May 29, 2015
Why can't I download this proto?

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