Edwin Li

User Experience Designer · San Francisco Bay Area








User experience designer. Gadget fan. Connected device fantasist. Distributed Cognition fan. Science fiction and fantasy fan. West Coast Swing dancer, competitor, and instructor. Principal member of Sneakers' staff (his cat).

With an MS Cognitive Science from UC San Diego and 14 years User-Centered Design experience, and as a longtime fan of connected gadgets and their potential, Edwin seeks the opportunity to expand his web and software UXD experience and use the growing ubiquity of connected gadgets to create technologies and ecosystems that fit and transform users' worlds, making great things delightfully possibleanywhere. Is your team a match? Check out my resume and contact me.

Pandora Driving Mode

This is a UX design prototype for Pandora's Android app (from October 2014), adding a "Driving Mode" and lateral navigation between stations from the Now Playing screen. I took a challenge to redesign Pandora's Android app or add features at my discretion. Focusing on the Now Playing screen where users probably spend most of their time, I identified two areas in which I wanted to improve its UX: station identification and navigation, and its user experience while on the go. A 7 minute 25 second presentation of this demo with commentary is available on YouTube: http://youtu.be/LyH6Gl580OY A full write-up of an earlier, pre-Proto.io iteration of the design (along with a downloadable pdf) is available at http://edwinli.com/ux/portfolio/pandora-driving-mode/.