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About Spaces

The first of it's kind community showcase for great Interaction Design

A great user experience is the result of successfully mixing together some basic ingredients: a great design, rich user interactions, and interesting animations.

When attempting to convey the real experience, traditional methods based on images or videos fall short because the audience cannot interact with the actual design but are instead forced into a passive viewer role. Spaces disrupts this by allowing people to access a gallery of truly interactive content, get inspired by it, inspire others and even build on top other's work to create beautiful interactive experiences. Spaces is a community driven showcase for great interaction design examples built by designers. It offers the easiest way to share your interaction design work and avoid screen recording and exporting to GIFs.

Designer, interaction designers and pretty much anyone with skills can now showcase their interaction design work to the world, get instant feedback by anyone, discover and explore new ideas and learn by others how these experiences are made by reverse engineering other projects. Spaces is a place where designs interact and new experiences are born

Why we created Spaces

At we receive a large number of requests from our users to help them build things with by sharing fully working examples with them so that they can reverse engineer them and learn.

Additionally we have been approached by numerous companies looking for experienced designers and at the same time designers ready to offer their services to companies that need them.

Simply put, Spaces is our honest reaction to popular community demand for facilitating the publication and sharing of fully interactive designs.

We believe that "sharing is caring" and we hope that our community members feel happy to share their work with others not only for the benefit of getting feedback and attribution but also to help others build similar or even better experiences. Our goal is to bring our community members closing together so that they can benefit from each other.

Who is it for? Spaces does not require a account.
Anyone can:

  • browse our community showcase and interact with published work, learn and get inspired!
  • find interaction design talents to help them with their project
Additionally, members with a account can:
  • Share their work and get feedback from other creative community members
  • Contribute by commenting and providing feedback to other members' work
  • Create an interaction design portfolio, promote and showcase their work
  • Import other projects published on Spaces (if creator has allowed importing), reverse engineer them, learn from them or build on top of them.

How does Spaces work?

  1. Create an account with
  2. Create your project and share it on Spaces to get feedback. Optionally make it importable by others.
  3. Import other projects into your account, study them and get inspired.
  4. Like and comment on other projects
  5. Give us your feedback and suggestions