Nicholas Georgeadies

Graphic / Web Designer... & LOTS more! · Cape Town, South Africa








Hi there,
My name is Nic.... I am a tiny person with an enormous hope.
I am: a • singer • artist • graphic/web designer • producer • photographer • IT guy • actor • teacher • dancer • musician • gamer • runner... And an all-round bundle of joy... And all... AT THE SAME TIME! :)

I am a full-time, permanent student - I LOVE to learn and I think I'll be learning with a desire to learn until the day I turn to light and become one with the computer of the star ship Enterprise-D... Did I mention I'm delightfully delusional, too... which is always fun.

Mmmm... I'm just thinking now... is this what they mean when they say 'Bio'?

If anyone reads this (and I'm kinda hoping they don't, 'cos... damn!) and if you understand 'Bio' as something other than my incredibly bad attempt at humor above, please let me know? You don't even have to leave your name just a quick tap on the shoulder and soft whisper, 'You got something in your teeth..." then I'll know that I look like a twot and have entirely missed the idea...

Tx a mil for that!
& much love t'ya's!

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