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Scyller ( One World One Marketplace )

Scyller is a applications concept that will level the playing filed in the retail industry while supporting local brick and motor retailers big and small. The concept is about including any brick and motor retailer that wants to join. I tried to tackle it alone but realized a lot of help and connections were needed. At this point I don't care if it is stolen I just want it in the world. Why... 1. It would be super dope to be able to order things as quick and easy as take out. 2. Brick and motor retailers, mom & pops, could really benefit from it. They're being killed slowly for a number of reason. 3. She's my baby and she needs to grow up haha. But seriously please have fun with this while it's up, there's a lot of detail and thought in this. As you could imagine this is a last ditch effort to make this thing real. If you'd like to be involved in this project in anyway (developer, architect, marketing, sales, investor, retailer, insert someone else needed here LoL ) shoot an email over, all are welcome - HelpScyller@gmail.com The what is for the world but the how is the bread and butter! This one is for the dreamers... Like & Share