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TV App Basic Content Navigation 648

This prototype demonstrates basic content navigation for a TV app moving focus model. TV Apps differ from web and mobile in that interactions are triggered by remote control button presses which can be mapped to key board presses with proto io.

With a TV focus model every component will have a collection of "On" and "Off" states both between the components themselves i.e: the menu and items within those components i.e: a menu item such as "Movies". These interactions models must work in a way in which as one component is on, all others must be off and so on. This example will show basic interactions and how to navigate pages commonly used my modern TV apps for devices such as Apple TV, Roku, Google TV, Smart TV's etc.

Note: Must click the canvas to enable key presses, this seems to be a common restriction with most prototyping tools when building key press focus interaction models.

Nino Silva
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