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IFTTT 15,432

An as close as possible copy of the IFTTT onboarding experience.

This prototype is also made in 4 other tools (Pixate, Origami, Framer & Form) to compare the differences between them.

More info:

Original app:

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Comments (4)

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Constantinos Thoma @CostasThoma · Jun 3, 2016
Nicely done!
8ea06e34-504c-11ed 9221-0e76797a4f7b @protonerds · Aug 11, 2015
Great job :)
Akis Ioannou @akisioannou · May 27, 2015
Nice work Tes!
Todd Siegel @toddsiegel · May 23, 2015
Amazingly good recreation, Tes! wow.

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