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Reproducing instagram info bars behaviour 4,916

A basic example of reproducing Instagram info bars behaviour.
A list header floats over the list's items and remains visible at the edge of the screen until it is replaced by the next list header

Akis Ioannou
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Akis Ioannou @akisioannou · Sep 12, 2017
@gretchenatwood Hi Gretchen, please contact us at to assist you with this
Gretchen Atwood @gretchenatwood · Sep 12, 2017
I tried to import this project so I could get some help on implementing sticky headers. I archived some projects to do so but then I got two dialog boxes over the project when I tried to open it. One was about positive scroll values and the other about upgrades UI libraries. When I dismissed the two dialogs the project remained grayed out and inactive. ?? How can I activate it? I tried using the iOS weather app tutorial for this but even when I copied the interactions almost exactly (except positioning) it wouldn't work. The demo was using "on drag " properties but it seems those are no longer available. I used "swipe up" instead...should I be using something else?
Akis Ioannou @akisioannou · Sep 15, 2016
@jmorano Hi Jesse, please email me at with your project so that I can have a look for you. Thanks
Jesse Morano @jmorano · Sep 15, 2016
Why does it break (the stickiness fails) when I change the background color of the list separators (and the hidden ones)??
Akis Ioannou @akisioannou · Feb 26, 2015
@MikkoMilz the interactions should have been copied.. Please send an email at with your account url so that we can investigate this further. Thanks

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