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Spotify 22,497

Hi there! I would like to share with you the latest version of Spotify prototype. Now you can listen to music while browsing the prototype.

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bfe84664-504d-11ed 9221-0e76797a4f7b @pfinch · Jun 2, 2016
Love what you've done here!
a2ab4eaf-0db8-11ee 9221-0e76797a4f7b @josephC · Nov 19, 2015
wow.. very nice
f94259a2-9250-11ed 9221-0e76797a4f7b @tripadvisor · Nov 13, 2015
very nice!
9dbe141b-504e-11ed 9221-0e76797a4f7b @William · Apr 14, 2015
Cool stuff George
f4ff2085-9250-11ed 9221-0e76797a4f7b @georgep · Feb 26, 2015
@rahul Thank you very much Rahul!

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