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Drag and Drop Variables 4,244

Project using Variables to simulate Drag and Drop to Snap functionality into a predefined area. While also adding Animations and States for a more smooth and elegant process.

Constantinos Thoma
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Constantinos Thoma @CostasThoma · Mar 25, 2018
@rocioleon You are very welcome!
d3904b8a-f263-11ee ab6d-0e76797a4f7b @rocioleon · Mar 24, 2018
@CostasThoma thank you!
Constantinos Thoma @CostasThoma · Mar 23, 2018
@rocioleon Yes of course! You can import the project into your account by clicking the import button on this page (next to the 'SHARE' button) and dissect it. We also have a whole webinar dedicated to advanced scrolling & dragging, which also includes this example. Here is a link to our webinar:
d3904b8a-f263-11ee ab6d-0e76797a4f7b @rocioleon · Mar 23, 2018
is there a way I could see how it was done? thanks
Constantinos Thoma @CostasThoma · Jun 29, 2017
@choltzman Hi, i have replied to you regarding to your question in the private support ticket you have just sent to our support desk.

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