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Vector Animation Splash 516

This Splash screen prototype shows a vector animation of a headphone made in After Effects. Use the Bodymovin plugin that exports a JSON file and can be dropped right into

Todd Siegel
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Published January 8th, 2018 in Animation

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Pakar Seo @pakarseo · 3 days ago
wow! this animation is awesome!
Todd Siegel @productevangelist · 4 days ago
Regarding the background image, are you referring to the GIF playing as the thumbnail for the Spaces page? (upload a custom image, including animated GIFs).
Or, about how to add the background image in the actual prototype?
Ka-Wai Hung @kawaihung · 6 days ago
This looks awesome!
Ka-Wai Hung @kawaihung · 6 days ago
Hi, I wonder how you can put the image in the background?

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