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Trello's draggable list demo 4,180


I tried imitating the Trello's interaction to move tiles/cards between different lists.

Mukul Chawla
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Published March 14th, 2018 in Interactive, Transitions, Animation

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Constantinos Thoma @CostasThoma · Sep 6, 2018
Hi everyone!

This project seems to use a very similar setup to another project here:

You can use the mentioned project as a baseline to recreate something very similar. You can even import it into your own accounts to dissect. We also have a whole webinar dedicated to advanced scrolling & dragging, which also includes this example. Here is a link to our webinar:

Happy Prototyping! :)
E Hamilton @StoniiLabworks · Sep 4, 2018
Im def voting for tutorial please
Bridget Fisher @bebefisher · Aug 1, 2018
This is very similar to what I need to do. Where can I get a tutorial on how to implement this behavior?
Katya Malova @katyamalova · May 22, 2018
I am facing the same problem now. I am wondering if you can share you prototype, it would be so helpful! Thank you anyway!
Graeme Brown @GraemeBrown · May 2, 2018
Hi. Do you have a project file for this to share? Looking to do something similar and would like to know how you did this. Thanks.

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