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Vertical scrolling feed with 2 expandable areas 6,465

An example of our vertical scrolling feed, with 2 expandable areas. Feel free to import into your account.

Akis Ioannou
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Akis Ioannou @akisioannou · May 18, 2018
@steven I am using the same container for this and this is why this happens.
However, you can duplicate the first and use the duplicated one so that the two will be unique.
steven overmar @steven · May 18, 2018
When I change 1 of the titles or the text, it automatically duplicates to the other container. I want two unique titels, how to do that?
Akis Ioannou @akisioannou · Sep 18, 2016
@FigoAlpha you can email for instructions on how to accomplish this!
184f42bc-ecec-11ee ab6d-0e76797a4f7b @FigoAlpha · Sep 18, 2016
make them all expand
Akis Ioannou @akisioannou · Sep 17, 2016
@pcitapp Thank you, Rebecca!

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