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Emoji Toggle Component 945

Mouse over and out to toggle between the active and inactive state. Click to select the active state, click again to deselect.

Showcases the power of containers in Each emoji is converted into a container (through the right-click menu). The individual emoji containers have two states: selected and deselected. The parent container contains all the emoji containers. This parent container has 6 states: non-selected, and the active state for each emoji (5).

The click/tap trigger changes the both the individual emoji state, and respective parent container state to the active emoji.

Easily change the emojis to any other one you choose while maintaining all the interactions. Make sure to click into each individual emoji container and double-click the current emoji and replace the image with the new one from the asset library. Replacing the image by double-clicking the existing one preserves the grayscale in the deselected state.


Todd Siegel
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Published in Interactive, Input, Animation

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