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Google Inbox - compose animation 9,901

The recently released Google Inbox app is a re-thinking of the email inbox experience that beautifully demonstrates Google's material design interactive animation language.

This prototype focuses on the compose button's animation. Click the + to reveal a new state where a wave of buttons and labels float up, and the + becomes a pencil icon. It uses two states, with staggered animations.

Todd Siegel
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Published November 3rd, 2014 in Navigation, Input, Animation

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E Hamilton @StoniiLabworks · Sep 4, 2018
i could see someone using this to build a mobile KANBAN mobile-first would make it feasable and pleasant if not enjoyable to use.
Alexander Mickus @protonerds · Jun 26, 2015
Great job Todd!!
Todd Siegel @productevangelist · Dec 4, 2014
I just recently gave a webinar that dissects this prototype and rebuilds it.
Check it out:
Ayushman Pershad @Ayushmanpershad · Nov 11, 2014

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