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Carousel Onboarding 10,923

Here's the previous version of Carousel's on boarding sequence

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92f2b218-504c-11ed 9221-0e76797a4f7b @cdemetriadis · Mar 2, 2015
@Guardianme Hi Sean, these are built into Spaces. You get plenty of options when you publish a prototype...
903ff198-ddc9-11ed 9221-0e76797a4f7b @Guardianme · Mar 2, 2015
great job! how were you able to get the hand as and iphone as your background?
92f2b218-504c-11ed 9221-0e76797a4f7b @cdemetriadis · Dec 3, 2014
@myplace Thanks!
7ba61b92-504e-11ed 9221-0e76797a4f7b @myplace · Dec 2, 2014
Good Job dude ;)
92f2b218-504c-11ed 9221-0e76797a4f7b @cdemetriadis · Nov 17, 2014
Hey @Leaeva. It's just a container with a few "state" interactions. Feel free to import it and completely dissect it.

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